Vision 2018

Happy New Year Fam!!!

It is an absolutely brand new year , it’s already the fifth day and I am ecstatic to experience this year. I had a lot of mixed feelings in 2017, from wailing over my job and being a broke ass to new blessings at the end of the year…. I have to say it was exceptional.

I’m not big on the New year, New me Resolution thing…. I’m more of a New Year, BETTER ME kinda person.

I decided to share a couple of tips on creating a digital vision board. Reason being that most of what I wrote down last year came to life, so this year I have decided to take it a step forward…VISUALIZE. From some of the best books I read in 2017, a recurring step in other to accomplish a goal is: To see the end from the beginning. This means knowing what you want and how you want it and then working and believing towards it.

I am creating a digital vision board because I can’t begin to find scrap papers around to create the kind of dreams I want to accomplish this year.

Some of the applications I used here are my favorites. Pinterest to get the photos I need and Canva to bring them all together in one board. Canva has to be one of the best apps to create digital designs, honestly it is my go to app.

So straight to the creating process:

Step 1: Create a pinterest board for your vision board.

Create a personal board on pinterest and make it secret if you like, go ahead and pin all the different pictures you visualize for yourself this year.

Step 2: Create a folder on your desktop to save pinned photos.

The different photos your have pinned on your pinterest, download them into a folder on your desktop for easy access.

Step 3: Start your design on Canva.

Go on Canva and login using your facebook or your google account (this is one of the best methods for me, because I hate having to create a login username and password for everything).

I am using an A4 sheet so I can easily print  it out and have it put up somewhere in my room.

Step 3a: Create your grid.

Select grid from the elements icon and create a grid to fit in as much you want. Beforehand you can list all your goals so you can easily choose what number of spaces you would like your grid to have.

Step 3b: Import your saved images into canva.

Upload the downloaded pinned images on your canva so you can access them.

Step 3c: Create your Vision.

Now go ahead and put them in the different grid spaces according to how you would like them.

And viola! you created a vision board.

Some of my goals are quite clear on here but this isn’t all of it. I’m sill as private as I should not be… because blogger life.

While creating your vision board be intentional, nothing is impossible and feel free at any point during the year to modify your vision board and make it better.

I should probably start reviewing books too. I’m looking to read “The Richest Man in Babylon”. I hear its a really good read.

This is your dream, your life and your vision. You deserve it!

Do you think it is important to create goals at the beginning of the year?

Whats are some of the dreams you hope to accomplish this year?

Are you a fan of new year resolutions?

And did you make any this year?

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10 Replies to “Vision 2018”

  1. i have read n own d book; “richest man in Babylon” its great.

    about goals n resolutions, i think its awesome but when one is disciplined, waiting for a new year to “ginger” you isn’t necessary cos at some point d year gets old n goals get stale so I bliv in starting. just start. as unprepared n unfit as you are, start by all means from whenever n however. if last year’s goals aren’t complete, finish it b4 moving to a new goal. all these depends on d mimdset of d prsn though. it isn’t always d case.

    like you, i also don’t do resolutions as such. i just strive to do better.

    1. Tedje Oteheri says: Reply

      I should probably come and borrow the book from you because I’m too lazy to find the one here at home. Oh and I also think its important to make sure goals from the previous year are accomplished too. Thank you so much Nyingi!

  2. This is a beautiful idea and you did a v3ry good job putting up a tutorial.

    1. Tedje Oteheri says: Reply

      Thank you so much babe. I know you support my hustle 100.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Yes its important to have goals, have a process, something to serve as a guide to achieve your dreams. 2017 was a good year but i plan to make the most of 2018 awesome; Less worries (why worry? solves no problem, you only get older), more laughter, serendipity (stop trying to control everything, do your best and leave the rest to God), I should visit a new place, but well my akant will judge that.

    In all whatever happens, i will ensure most part of this year if not the entire year is made of good memories.

    Also check Cashflow Quadrant and The Purpose Driven Life, still on them but a good read so far…

    Cheers to our dreams!

    1. Tedje Oteheri says: Reply

      It’s almost like we are in a sync. By God’s grace our akant will let us travel! Thank you for reading

  4. Great idea. New year resolutions is a no no for me. I never get to fufill them🙈🙈
    I tell myself “why wait for the new year before I make resolutions or become better?” Now I strive for a better me everyday.

    Goals…yea I have goals to accomplish. One being to read more books😊😊

    1. Tedje Oteheri says: Reply

      Yes oh…Read and read some more. so important. Thank you for reading.

  5. Duff Imaobong says: Reply

    It is very important to create goals at the beginning of the year

    I hate New Year Resolutions… I just want to be better than I was the previous year

    Get a new skill, chartered and more cash

    No New Year Resolutions…

    1. Tedje Oteheri says: Reply

      Congrats and thank you for reading. this year can only get better

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