Hope everyone is ending this year on a fabulous note no matter how many ups and downs you have been through.

We will just skip the usual apology for my inconsistency in this blogging business. It is not easy jare. I would like to commend bloggers who consistently create content and have it up at scheduled times. Personally, I have a lot of favorite bloggers I like. Their content is amazing and I keep adding to the list, blogs range from fashion, to lifestyle, travel, tech. Honestly there’s just so many Nigerian bloggers doing a lot. Lazy ass me has a lot on my drafts but the urge to get them finished isn’t there. Really, my body is willing in this case but my head and mind won’t even try.

Its the end of the year and I’m thankful for so much;

  1. the gift of life,
  2. family (best guys really even though they can annoy me sometimes)
  3. friends and relationships (both new and old)
  4. school
  5. jobs (both old and new opportunities)

While these seem like the most basic things, alot of inbetween the lines have happened and it calls for a thanksgiving really.

Currently, I’m thinking about the vacay my friend had planned out for us (we did not go) and imagining how much fun it would have been. But for obvious reasons my bank account refused to support my dream of a vacay…. sad sturv really.

I absolutely love to travel and I am constantly imagining a new place I would like to visit. Someday perhaps, I hope its 2018 I start because there’s so much craziness out there and one needs to start creating these beautiful memories.

I would like to know what you are thankful for this year, please share in the comment section. Assume this is testimony time and go ahead to pour it all out lol.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Check out other posts, comment and share.

Till my next post (totally hope its this year lol)


Listening to: Happy Memories – Brymo (Best guy really)



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  1. ermm vacay without me huh.I love d write up.

    1. Tedje Oteheri says: Reply

      Thank you! You are welcome to join of course

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