Hi boys and girls,

It’s about the next half of the year already. I hope we are all excited.

I particularly am….this year has been great and I’m hoping for better.

Today’s post is about one of those popular slangs which seems to be making rounds.
So, I had no idea there were other meanings to the word casted apart from it being the past tense of cast.
However, I was enlightened on one these days when a Nigerian brother asked if I’m sure I wasn’t casted. In all honesty, I’ve always been bad at slangs like really bad…. I just would rather speak in plain terms other than a slang or proverb or whatever form we humans use to pass information.

Casted: being exposed (exposed to whatever, I don’t know)
Casted: when your plans don’t work out
Casted: breeze don blow fowl nyash done open (crude, yes…but this was one of the definitions I got during my research)
Casted: (***thinking of the best way to write this one, it even came with an example) if it’s used as ‘this girl done cast’ it means she has a crappy sexual history.
Really all this came about as a result of someone asking me if I’m not casted. Why he asked? Because I said I would much rather stay home than go out to some of the hang out spots he was asking about. Truth be told, I thoroughly enjoy my company and a handful of other people…. plus I would rather cozy up at home and enjoy a show and not spend money.
Anywho I’m still not sure which of the casted he meant and I’m still suspicious. But hey! Do you have other definitions of the word casted I don’t know about? Or any other interesting slangs you would like to share. Please comment and let me know…it’s always fun to learn new words and grow my “slangs vocabulary” (I have non whatsoever).

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Enjoy! It’s almost the weekend.

Tedje xxx


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  1. Trust me its always fun to learn new slangs

    1. Tedje Oteheri says: Reply

      Lool. I realize it’s fun and I need to expand my vocabulary so much

  2. Cast: when them don see you finish.
    Cast: leaking confidential information.

    1. Tedje Oteheri says: Reply

      Thank you Eddy! Maybe you can be my tutor sometime. lol

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