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Today I’m going on about compliments, mostly the weird and then the annoying ones. Sometimes the compliments are funny other times they are inappropriate. I’m not one to get excited on compliments except they come from people who matter… mostly because I feel lots of people just like bullshitting. I’m not saying compliments can’t be genuine from outsiders but imagine an agbero on the road saying “eyyys fine girl, you fine die” would that make you smile? Personally I would be irritated because bullshit. However, one I found funny even though it was inappropriate and I eyed the complimenter (ignore this word and just follow the gist) was when he said my friends ass and mine were twins.

Recently I’ve gotten alot of random compliments that have mostly irked me to say the very least. one which had me go from different phases and had me analyzing it was people telling me “I act white” or “I look white” or “are you Nigerian?”. Let me just say this ‘it is utter bullcrap’….no it doesn’t make me feel special neither does it make the hair on my skin stand (I’m not a hairy person but let’s go with that) and since when did white become a compliment or being American or being from other parts of whatever country they mean or does your citizenship determine the compliments you get as a person?

I am a proud Nigerian, even though I would rather be patriotic outside Nigeria (and have NG boldly written  in that blue font on my bio on my twitter and instagram accounts), I would never deny being Nigerian.

It’s a problem that Nigerian men would rather love women of foreign ethnicity than their own. Me I just think its that issue of a celeb not being treated like a celeb in his home (forgive me…I cannot remember how that story goes) but I’m sure you get what I mean. I just think Nigerian men have this fallacy of thinking that women of other ethnic descent wouldn’t act the same way as we would. But …….#BLEH. You and I know it’s a lie na…women are the same all around, don’t bother getting your breeches in a bunch.

So I would like to hear the weirdest or funniest compliments you have ever received and what your reaction was. And what is your take on the Nigerian men preferring women of other ethnic backgrounds.

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