LAGOS Living!

Hi everyone,

Its a new month!

“Welcome to the month of Love” Like all the annoying people in my life have been saying (whatever that means, cheesiest nonsense if you ask me).

Just in case you think this post will be about all that how much fun I’m having living and working in Lagos, its not. At this moment in my life that whole fun definition of Lagos living is nothing but a fallacy….it is literally non-existent.

So for about 2 weeks I’ve been in Lagos, and I’ve come up with the conclusion that Lagos is for the slightly crazy. You can’t be normal and exist in this city except you leave in a bubble, and no one does anyway. If you do, you’re downright mad as well.

I haven’t been in Lagos for about a year and when I was here in 2015 it was to party with friends and chill…that was fun while it lasted. Until this year that I’m here for work, it has been stressful….like extra stress sprinkled with some more stress. Please you people that stay in Lagos how do you people do it? I want to know….share with a sister.

I have a lot of tales but I will settle for a few. Getting to work and and getting back home have been a nightmare.Mostly because I have to use the bus since work is quite a distance from home. I mean Ajah to Marina is not childs play….add the traffic put you will understand why Lagos is famous for its traffic.


I enjoy my day at work until I have to go back. Just the other day I stayed on the queue to get a bus for about an hour or there about, the bus arrived even with the queue there was a hassle and then Yoruba people decide they want to play favoritism to get on the bus. Anyway, we finally all got into the bus….me I was saying to myself “finally I get to sit down and rest” but obviously some peoples witchcraft start earlier than midnight. Barely 10mins into my 1h 45mins bus ride home (time I could have gone out with friends for drinks wasted on the bus), Ibo people decided to hold an Onitsha town hall meeting (haba). Guys I’m not kidding, there were series of conversations all taking place in Ibo as well as sexually assaulting a young woman who was standing (we will leave this issue for another time). For the entire ride I just wanted some peace and quiet but no, I had to listen to nonsense banter and develop a silly headache.These Ibo’s and Yoruba’s need to stop this their nonsense behavior.

Moving on…..I can actually feel myself getting old from lack of sleep like actual wrinkles are popping up not to talk of the chanel bags underneath my eyes.

However, I’m thankful now I know what its like to work in Lagos and what it’s like to just come have fun. these are experiences which make up our beautiful memories.

Feel free to share your Lagos experiences and memories with me. I could probably learn a thing or two on surviving Lagos while working.

Its FriYAY!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

P.S. I used that photo because my office building is there somewhere. Gorgeous view of the marina.


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