Cheating. Gender Specific?


I have missed my blog!!! But school! School I tell you is where people go to die. It’s so draining….but then it will be over soon (this is what brings me comfort on nights when I’m sleep deprived for the sake of one assignment or exam). And well sometimes a glass of wine to get my mind of those programming or configurations. Enough about me, I hope you have been great yourselves. Today I’m posting something a bit grown up and I really would like all your inputs.

So for a couple of days going through social media I have been quite confused on the issue of cheating. Everyone seems to have a different explanation of cheating in the terms of gender. Some girl stated that just because your boyfriend sleeps with another girl doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you….he’s just doing it for the knacks (this is stupid. But then again it’s her opinion…what do I know?). And went ahead to state that when women do it the go in with all their emotions and they end up ruining their relationship.

Bear in mind I’m trying to keep an open mind and understand….we all have to learn don’t we? There’s a popular notion that guys will always cheat. Personally I have refused to believe that. However, when a guy is involved in cheating there’s no much backlash involved as compared to when it’s a woman. Why is this? I think everyone is capable of cheating irrespective of gender. The amazing part on the cheating part is, women no longer have respect or value themselves hence they go ahead to defend a guy who cheats on them and gives you reasons why he must have cheated (you have to be really low on self-esteem to think this way). Just today some girl said, cheating on a guy really hurts him and changes his perspective on love and relationships. Hollup! It doesn’t hurt the woman? It doesn’t change a woman’s perspective? So in a situation where a woman is defending the act of cheating by a guy why won’t they go ahead and do it. And then I have heard issues of women cheating and they were blacklisted as the worst women on earth because they broke a guys heart (lol).

However I have had an issue of dating a guy and he was having sex with other girls. I’m honestly a very calm person, polite even in situations like these. I really hate having a fight with my partner….and well I have come to understand that shouting or being frantic or being a crazy bitch really doesn’t send the message you want it to. So I quietly told Mr. ‘hey, I’m not ok with being in a relationship with you while you sex around’. After that gave him a bit of time, but I don’t think he took it very seriously until I carried my skinny self and exited the relationship.


I’m selfish, I don’t need you spending the same time with another girl or even giving her the same attention… WTF! I have been in a relationship where I broke it off just because I wasn’t getting enough attention as I wanted. It’s that simple for me. If I explain to you that I like this and I know it’s really easy to give, if I’m not getting it I’m carrying my load and moving. I can’t come and die trying to over compensate in a relationship. That kills me. So yes for me cheating can involve sex with another person or even too much attention being given to someone else.
So I would like to know:
What is your view on a guy or a girl cheating? why do they cheat?
 Why does our society make it deep when a guy is cheated on than when a girl is cheated on?
Have you ever been cheated on? And what was your reaction?
Does being cheated on always have to end up in a break up?
And if not a break up, what is your justification for continuing the relationship?
Please comment and share your experiences, it would mean a lot. And don’t forget to share posts with friends too.

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  1. cheating is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship, some people cheat because maybe they don't get enough respect from their partner or not satisfied with the sex they are getting but some of them just do it to satisfy their curiosity. Because of the “its a man's world mentality” the guys go Scot free when they cheat,the worst part is that a girl is still ready to continue the relationship even if her partner cheats but the case is not the same with men. Yes I have been cheated on, I forgave and continued but I walked out the next time it happened. Most time I don't think break up is the answer, you just have to talk it out and I think giving the cheating one a lil space to rethink and come to their senses is kinda better, if they return and turns a new leaf? Good but if they don't return but decides to be a hoe then bitch please good riddance then go enjoy the beautiful life you have, nobody is worth the stress.

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