Been a long time….I apologise. And no i did not forget that I owned a blog. I have just been too busy adulting.
I do hope you have all been great really.

Today am posting something my friend sent me a while back. Its a great read and its hilarious. I hope you enjoy!

So for the past few weeks, social media has been awash with guys finding out they are the side boo, babes discovering you are not the only orange he is squeezing the juice out of and things as such. The fear of posting a picture of you and bae on IG, twirra, Facebook and other alakoba sites as such, is the beginning of the proverbial wisdom.
Now, to the question that wakes me up at 3pm on a hot-cold Wednesday night (Abuja weather can be as confused as Miley Cyrus’ sexuality), how do I determine if I am my man’s main squeeze or I am ogbono without dry fish.
First thing they tell you is to define ya relationship. We have done the definition, the definition pass Dbanj’s hair carving, truly. Is this enough though? What if uncle is busy defining around the 5 geo-political zones in Nigeria.
Case in point, I was in a relationship with a God fearing brethren for 2 years my fellows, 2 years! No we did not break up, we were alive and kicking until I decided to do aseju and post a picture of us on Facebook, with ‘boo and I’ as caption. Kasala bust, brother asked why I posted said picture, ah egbami, is it now a bad suntin to share ya love on the W.W.W. Alas he had declared another sister as mustard seed on same site, me was a hanger on.  I tucked tail, deleted incriminating picture, wailed, gnashed my teeth and moved on; well not exally (story for another day).
So my lovelies, posting picture on WWW can enable you know which dish you are. Tested and proven since 180B.C.
Kindly note that some demons will introduce you to their dead ancestors, swear blood oath and wear ‘and co’ with you to church on every glorious Sunday, yet still main bae you are not.
These things wake me up at 3am on a Wednesday night.

Please feel free to comment and share on your experiences….really it would be great.

Stay blessed! ❤


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