Getting HITCHED!

I hope you have all been great and you have lost all your holiday fat already….if you haven’t, well good for you! If you have, great! As for me I dint acquire any fat and yet I seem to be losing the one I have ….its an absolute mystery.
Anyway today I will be mildly banting (Lool), I would rather not call it a rant for good reasons but ehn feel free to call it that.
So I was on my bed jejely after a really long day and a far more draining week, trying to rest and not have weird thoughts floating around (I can never not have weird thoughts in my head), so anyway I decided to just peep my phone, saw a notification and there was my friend telling me …..”remember this person?” “Yes her, she’s engaged!” And my reply went like this….” Na wa oh” next was “anty just be there”. I was happy about the news really, but my reply was leaning more towards “so everyone is getting married, when are you?” And yes it was a joke but really its a valid question?
When y’al getting married in this era of everyone getting hitched (for those of you it hasn’t dawned on yet…. We are at that age!). I practically wake up everyday to the news of one person or the other getting married.
Personally am just here staring and thinking ….
1. I have to be in a relationship (which ehn brothers and sisters as stated in my other post ……we all know ehhnn….well you know?! And if you don’t, see it here) So yes relationship is the first step.
2. Then I have to decide do I really like this person enough to be in a longterm thing talk more of forever?
3. Can I cope with all the craziness after everything I have heard about marriages?
Really there are a whole lot of questions attached to this thing am saying. Although it doesn’t worry me right now because errrm my parents don’t seem to mind the hitching thing but every once in a while I get an extended family who goes ” so when are we coming to eat rice?” Trust me in my head my reply is “on my birthday, when you decide to give me money to have a party” Lool…. don’t judge me.
So here are three questions I think are important…feel free to answer them for me because really I don’t think I have answers to them
1. When do you know you are ready to get hitched?
2. How long do you have to be in a relationship?
3. How do you know he/she is the one?
As far as I am concerned, I don’t think we should get so marriage obsessed that you forget to be who you are. Being happy is one thing, being happy with who you are is important. Loving yourself and your life in all aspects is just as important. Respect yourself and realize that respecting yourself makes people respect you as well. And really if you are doing everything right do not change that for anyone. Be still! The right one will find you. Rushing into FOREVER will be the biggest mistake of your life.
Word of caution: Take your time, forever is a long time to be unhappy.
Let love and happiness find us!!

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  1. Seriously these questions has been on my mind lately but fast forward to 5days later between those thoughts u see/read/hear alot of drama between married couples n try to compare it with ur peaceful single life. *sigh*

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  3. Ikr! Single life doesn't come with as much drama, and even when the drama comes you can just up and leave, but then again society will say, “is this how you will handle issues when your married?”

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