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I really do have to apologize for my lack of consistency….really this blogging thing is not as easy as I thought, between travelling and attending to functions and all the things that come with this season, so much time has gone into other things I did not realize how long it was. However, lets get back to our main purpose of the blog….my RANT….. welcome!!!
So in the past few weeks I have freaked out so much about how much time seems to be going and how little I have achieved. I have also freaked about this blog thing too as I said I dint think it would be this hard and just the other day I woke up and asked myself “anty who sent you?”, then the next day, ” what if i have nothing to rant or rave about?”. SMH…. I really have to think things through. Anyway, I have started it and I am going to do it.
Today is just one of those days when I wake up and I just want to cry and go back to bed….time is running so fast and as far as I am concerned I am growing up way too fast. And being an adult is such a difficult situation. I wake up everyday with a new and different emotion its amazing, one day am depressed or feeling blue, next am happy, next am way too excited, next I really don’t feel like talking to anyone….ugh!!!! And I thought adolescence and puberty was hard…this is way harder. And as far as I am concerned I need a shrink, I need money, I need a job, I need a car, I need new shoes, I need everything!!! Everything!!!
This year has been an absolute blur and some days its a struggle because then I sit down and ask myself what exactly have I achieved this year sef….the year has just been like this and like that…time seems to move so much faster….when I was little time just seemed endless and now I can’t blink without months just running off. When I finished this yeye NYSC something I thought it would be so easy to get the job but brothers and sisters it still hasn’t come and am like hollup…I did not grow up for this. Why did I not just remain a sweet happy child and worry about nada…but no! adulthood came and I welcomed it with open arms.
Hence, here are the top 10 things I hate about being an adult
1. People start to throw around the word RESPONSIBILITIES…errm who came up with this word biko, Please I would rather be a careless carefree child
2. The emotional turmoil and mood swings that comes with being an adult….one minute am happy the next I don’t even know what i feel….hence my reason for needing a shrink ( don’t judge  me).
3. Being a polite grown ass woman…I just can’t say it without considering how the other person would feel…so i have to smile politely.
4. The relationship SHIP…this one has left me tey tey … it is lost in the haze and I can’t even find it talk more of being inside one.
5. The job/ money wahala that has come with the package ehn….can’t my dad just keep giving me the money or  I marry rich man that has too much money? really is that too much to ask?
6. Remember when we had sleep and did not appreciate it… well now we don’t… a tired somebody can not just sleep without feeling guilty that you haven’t done something or my dad asking me if I have nothing to do with my life….sigh.
7. Watching what I eat…you know how people are watching their food not to get fat? errr …mine  is the direct opposite …. I feel like one day I will just poof and disappear. I need more food.
8. Oh and I have to be a role model or set example or something of that sort…in my head am like ” I haven’t even gotten the hang of this adult thing then your adding this one to it….please take several seats”.
9. I really can’t decide if I am a girl or a woman…this is not a joke , take a minute and think about it…what category do you fall into?
10. My lack of excitement for any holiday whatsoever….no how did this happen….my first problem, fried rice and chicken were a special delicacy for the holidays, now they are just a norm, what can I be excited for again…ahh and secondly, the thought of a new cloth for the holidays….dammit! I loved my dress which had a cap and a bag, who didn’t….now nothing.
And even though I said ten, another thing that gets to me, is having to care how I look…I just cannot leave my house the way I want and be happy, I just have to care what the world thinks, then the day I don’t iron my cloth, my mum will make it a point…RME.
Anyway, I know adulthood has its good side and bad sides, I have however realized that nobody really knows what they are doing, we are all just trying to figure it out as best as we can. I love it and I hate it. Its so liberating and inspiring sometimes, but terrifying and confusing and intimidating at other times. I can suddenly see that even those much older don’t have all the answers, they just have experience. Not only do I not have the answers now, but i may never have them. Sometimes it’s freeing and a great relief to know that, but other times it’s really frustrating when I just want to know what the hell I am supposed to do. You would think that adulthood would hit you and you will suddenly become more capable but that doesn’t happen ever.

Now please share your experiences on adulthood with me, let me know am not crazy and this is not just me.

Bare with me, the woes of adulthood are plenty hence the long article.

Stay fabulous :*


  1. lol. Well..we stil hv to grow up.

  2. Story of my life 🙁 me I've given up already. I don't want any responsibilities whatsoever

  3. Let's just keep taking each day as it comes I know is not easy tho. Stay blessed guys

  4. I have no idea where 2 start from,growin up we were told 1+1=2 adulthood made me realise 1+1 could be 3,4,10 even 100, its not as straightforward or the jolly ride I expected.I started lookin forward 2 graduation from d minute I became an undergradaute, graduation don come…give me my license my skul no gree..when I get d license where do I go frm dere?! Adulthood comes with too many unwritten rules and regulations please, u hav 2 live up 2 expectations So ur parents are nt disappointed ahn ahn the most annoying is people looking at u like “So when are u getting married?” Excuse me can u mind ur own married life and leave my unmarried life 4 me?….I believe we shld hav been given a better picture of adulthood and allowed 2 make our choice cz I want 2 go back 2 being a baby and crying when I'm hungry, thirsty,sleepy or wen I jus feel like it So d adults can make me comfortable.

  5. Nice piece! I think it is important to have a defined goal to achieve (mid term and/or long term). Strive to achieve it without paying attention to what others have to say. Society has a way of defining us as individuals. The challenge is creating your own niche, irrespective of society's rule and regulations and then, standing out. Adulthood, in my opinion is actually liberating! It is the time you tell the world who you really are, especially if you are comfortable with who you are. Easier said than done though. It is a tall order.

  6. Lol…cldnt stop laughing, some serious points made here and this isnt a joke, seriously adulthood is overrated. Nice piece.

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