Everything is Everything

hi y’all!!!!

My name is Tedje, and I would like to say welcome to my blog (aka my head and everything that goes on inside it). I consider myself not so social but its a lie….I am way too social and can have a conversation with any and everyone about anything (intelligent conversations only)…errm doesn’t actually mean I am a talkative tho. I rant a lot and I am super excited about everything….learning and discovering new things for me is like opening a box of presents (I am always too happy to learn new stuffs).

I am very bad at expressing my feelings most of the times (extreme case) because I hate to make the next person feel horrible….therefore I have chosen blogging as the next creative way to express my feelings. So I can rant in the most creative way possible….because really i can rant for days and i think i should be given an award (I mean it). But don’t blame me, the processes involved in becoming a responsible adult can be hard, coupled with traffic, light, network issues, oh unemployment and all you can think…..being a young adult in Nigeria isn’t easy aswear. People too can be difficult …ehn… but I have decided my inner peace is way more important than trying to understand some humans….so if someone says the blue sky is green, i just nod and say OK…because everyone sees the sky differently.

BANTS RANTS RAVES is all about everything you can possibly think of…fashion, beauty products, technology, relationships, celebrities (never really been stoked about celebrities tho but Riri is my day one bae ❤) and whatever else you and I feel like for the day.
This is my first post and its titled Everything is Everything, because my blog is your blog and my rant space is your rant space. So essentially the blog belongs to you and me and we can bant, rant and rave about anything and everything and i mean everything. So essentially we are co-bloggers/ co-ranters.However we will be banting and raving about everything too, so go ahead to BANT, RANT et RAVE.

Your contributions and comments also are welcome, really it will keep me going and I hope you enjoy these rants as much as i will enjoy writing them.

I haven’t chosen a particular day to put up posts I will just rant as the spirit leads, so kindly subscribe so you can get updates.

Oh and am not good at writing essays so bear with me…this blogging thing is still new to me.

Thank you so much for visiting, your time is appreciated and if at any moment you feel the need to rant please share with me and send me a mail tedje.oteheri@gmail.com .

Somedays we BANT. Somedays we RANT. Somedays we RAVE.

Stay fabulous :*


15 Replies to “Everything is Everything”

  1. “so if someone says the blue sky is green, i just nod and say OK…because everyone sees the sky differently”…..LOL! nice one, you cant just be stressed.
    Fabulous for a first blog, keep 'em coming.

  2. Thank you ….means alot

  3. Nice intro. Looking forward to ur next rant ����

  4. El oh el! Isn't this just super cool now! Lovely first post, Happy to be a co-blogger !!

  5. Weldone..buh I'm not here to cheer u, im here to listen. & I'll listen to u..

  6. Please remember me when you buy your mansion at ikoyi…

  7. Some good work. Nice one tedje

  8. Be ready for my bantsrantsraves….

  9. Lool..please join me oh …you can't only listen

  10. Lool…you know you wiLl have your own room inside

  11. Jideee!!! Yay…thank you

  12. Lol.. Good one. Keep it up and remember me in ur mansion abeg..looking forward to your next post

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